Information Report Form

The FIA has implemented an Information Report Form in accordance with s. 26A of the Proceeds of Criminal Conduct Act. Click here to share information or intelligence with the Agency that does not amount to a suspicion but may nonetheless be relevant to the Agency. Continue to use the SAR form to report suspicious activities/transactions.

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Suspicious Activity/ Suspicious Transaction Report

The FIA has revised its SAR Form in accordance with the Proceeds of Criminal Conduct Act, 1997, as amended, and Section 55 of the Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Code of Practice, 2008, as amended. The FIA advises that this new Form be used to submit any SARs/STRs to the FIA.

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Warnings and Bulletins

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Welcome to the Financial Investigation Agency (FIA)

The FIA is one of the key Competent Authorities in the Territory of the Virgin Islands with responsibility for the prevention and detection of financial crime, including money laundering, terrorist financing and proliferation financing. The FIA was established as an autonomous law enforcement agency by the Financial Investigation Agency Act, 2003 (“the Act”), which came into force on 1st April 2004. The FIA’s primary role and functions are contained in section 4 of the Act.

Our Vision

The vision of the FIA is to protect the Territory of the Virgin Islands from money laundering, terrorist financing and proliferation financing.


FIA Board

The FIA is guided by a Board, which is ultimately responsible for approving the policies guiding its operations.



The Financial Investigation Agency seeks to recruit and develop individuals who are interested in a viable law enforcement career that serves the territory.



Non-Profit Organisations

Non-profit organisations (NPOs) are recognised for the vital role that they play in communities around the world. While most NPOs are used for legitimate purposes, they can also be used to facilitate illicit activities. The NPO sector globally has been identified as one that is vulnerable to activities of money laundering and terrorist financing.

  • The Non-Profit Organisations Act, 2012 (the NPO Act) came into effect on 1st January, 2013. The NPO Act seeks to bring NPOs inline with international standards by creating systems for NPOs to be...
  • Under the NPO Act, all NPOs operating within the Virgin Islands are required to be registered with the Non-Profit Organisation Registration Board. Details of the registration process and...

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Designated Non-Financial Businesses and Professionals

Designated Non-Financial Businesses and Professionals (DNFBPs) are characterised as non-regulated entities, as they are not strictly regulated by the Financial Services Commission. They are defined as relevant business under section 2 of the Anti-Money Laundering Regulations 2008 and are designated pursuant to section 2 of the Non-Financial Business (Designated) Notice, 2008 for the purpose of identifying entities which are vulnerable to being misused for Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing.

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Analysis and Investigation Unit

The Financial Investigation Agency (“the Agency”) of the Virgin Islands fulfills FATF Recommendation 29, which mandates countries to establish a financial intelligence unit. The Agency is the financial intelligence unit of the Territory and therefore performs the core functions as defined by the Egmont Group. The Analysis and Investigation Unit (“AIU”) is responsible for conducting the analysis of SARs/STRs, intelligence-gathering and proposing disseminations to relevant agencies, including the Financial Crimes Unit of the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force as well as foreign Financial Intelligence Units ("FIUs").

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