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Ephren Taylor Jr. Named as a Defendant to a Class Action Lawsuit

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The public is advised that Ephren Taylor Jr., who visited the Virgin Islands and addressed members of the public in March 2007 during a business seminar has been named as a defendant to a class action lawsuit filed in the United States District Court, Northern District of California on behalf of hundreds of Plaintiffs.

The suit alleges that Taylor and his co-defendants operated a Ponzi scheme by selling their targets promissory notes and/or unqualified non-exempt securities, and that they diverted the investment monies to themselves or to shell corporations they controlled.  The principal investment funds of an investor were allegedly used to repay that same investor their purported returns or interest payments until the fraudulent scheme collapsed when it ran out of new investors.   

The suit also alleges that the Defendants intentionally targeted and induced hundreds of innocent people, religious leaders, their churches and other faith-based organizations in at least 43 states in the USA to transfer and invest their hard-earned money in shell companies with a false sense of security that their money was insured, protected and invested by persons in legitimate, no risk, multi-million dollar, profitable, “leading” public and private companies with “the highest ethics,” and an overriding sense of social responsibility, and that their “investments” would help others who were less fortunate.

Cathy Jackson Lerman, lawyer representing the Plaintiffs in the class-action lawsuit has indicated a desire to contact potential victims in the BVI who may be interested in joining the class-action lawsuit.  If you are a potential victim, please contact Ms. Lerman at:

Cathy Jackson Lerman P.A.
7857 W. Sample Road
Suite 140
Coral Springs FL 33071

Tel: (954) 663-5818
Fax: (954) 341-3568


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